just wanted to say hi=);)

Date: 2005-10-22 03:53 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hey my love=)

Yeah u guess it wasnt that bad to be a junior after all, wasnt it? Okay I had the easiest classes ever but it didnt count anyway for me;) I hope u had more fun with me beeing there and I helped u to have more fun at school;) Yeah I know we unfortunately havent seen us a lot=(

I really miss u=( Ur pic is on my desk and it always reminds me of u=)! U are an awesome kid with a great heart and I am thankful that I got to know u. My year would have been less colorful without knowing you and ur family! I hope to come back one day!

I really enjoyed the sleep overs when I laid in ur bed and we talked about a lot of things=) I recognized than how awesome you are and how good I can speak with u=) I loved ur messy bedroom with all the stuff which are a part of your memories and your life=)It was interesting to look through all of them=)!

I also loved the DVD nights=) Mmmmhmmm chips with chees as toping... that was the best and I think u have made it=D;) Ei and our A Day mornings=) It was awesome to come to school and know that someone will be there and wait for you=) The place always looked empty when u werent there or u avoided to see me=P laugh

I will keep all these good memories deep in my heart and it will always helps me to smile and it also gives me a lot of energy=)!

I thank u sooo much for everything! U always will have a place in my heart!

lots of Swiss love- yeah u know the only true love;) laugh- and many hugs=)


your andrea
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