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Well, I figure if I'm going to have this thing laying around, I might as well use it... if you know me personally, go away.
I'm in geometry right now, it's the last day of "real school" (we have finals until next Wednesday) and I'm very happy. I have the day off tommorow, because it's finals for block 1 and 2, and there is no gym final, and my theater final was performed yesterday. I think I'm going to see Prisoner of Azkaban with Amanda tommorow, she has the day off too. Then I'm going to see Hairspray with my dad and my sister.
Today I got on the bus and sat in the seat across from Courtney (lot's of backstory there that I don't have time to get into now) and she waved at me, so I said 'hi.'... I miss being friends with her sometimes, yet other times I could care less... it's weird, my social life has declined dramaticly in the past couple of years.
Tanya, Steph, her brother Paul and I are going to go to IHOP next Thursday, Paul is going to try to break the pancake record (16 pancakes eaten in one sitting). We got the idea from Shea's friend Steve, he went and almost broke the record, but only managed 15. Shea said "You couldn't eat one more pancake?" he replied "Don't you ever say that to me again." Haha. Jen might come to, she wants a try at the record, so she and Paul might compete.
I'm really mad, I got some nice, and exclusive pictures from Prisoner of Azkaban and some people took them and used them without crediting! I hate it when people do that... Two people did credit though, and bless their little hearts, but a plague upon the thiefs!
The thought that I'm going to be a junior next year is scary... I've heard that junior year is hard as a petrified tree. I have to re-take Spanish 2 if I want to get into college which sucks because I hate Spanish; I failed it this year. Truth be told the "real world" terrifies me. I can't imagine living on my own, paying bills, all that stuff... I haven't had a job yet, as I've never had the means to get to one, or the time. I get my permit in July, but I still need an adult in the car for that, and if I had an adult who could drive, I wouldn't have to drive myself to work. Mom get's home at weird times so she can't drive me, and Dad lives to far away to have to worry about taking me to work. Gas costs a lot of money, you know? I'm so afraid of living on my own...
I'm hungry, I should have eaten breakfast this morning, but I never have the time, I'd rather sleep later. I can't wait till last bell, everyone will go nuts, haha. It's strange, it doesn't feel like the last day.
What was I doing this time last year...? Waiting for Order of the Phoenix. I'll never forget, my last final was on June 20th, I had the last day, Monday, off, and I only had an early final that Friday, so my mom picked me up after and drove me home, I got into my Gryffindor costume and was ready to do magic and go to a midnight party- alas, it was only 10:30 AM! But mom brought me to Barned and Noble to visit our friend who works there, and a little girl pointed me out to her mom and said "Look it's Hermione!" :) I felt good about that. So I got my book that midnight and all was good in Autumn world.
This year, as finals approach, I'm not really looking forward to anything, besides my Florida trip which is in August. I need JKR to release book 6, or maybe a book from the book... I'd love to read Hairy Snout, Human Heart...


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